Black Lives Matter No Matter Who Wins by Tajh Sutton

What a summer it’s been! Black Lives Matter at School NY has been engaged in the beautiful and rewarding work of fighting for equitable, holistic and justice oriented schools for 4 years now, and we are growing everyday. As the inequities exacerbated by Covid 19 continue to bring new students, parents and educators into theContinue reading “Black Lives Matter No Matter Who Wins by Tajh Sutton”

What the UFT gets WRONG about Black Lives Matter

For three years, Black Lives Matter at NYC Schools, with allies from the Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE) have submitted a resolution to the UFT to endorse the Week of Action, to acknowledge the deep harm done by our school system’s white supremacist underpinnings, and to pledge action toward the BLM demands. LeadershipContinue reading “What the UFT gets WRONG about Black Lives Matter”

Unapologetically Black by Shani Brignolle

  During my years in elementary school, I found myself judging my Blackness. My Black peers wore this identity proudly. They claimed it in the music they listened to, the clothes they wore, and the neighborhoods they lived in. You weren’t from Manhattan, you were from Harlem. Biggie and Tupac lyrics were Bible verses. You woreContinue reading “Unapologetically Black by Shani Brignolle”